Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager is the core user tool, providing a graphical interface to the collected data and providing a uniform method of presenting this data regardless of the machine platforms in use. A hierarchical structure presents the information in increasingly detailed levels, allowing summaries from Factory level, through Line and Machine level, down to feeder and nozzle level.

Factory Analyst Factory Analyst
View data summarised against the whole factory.
Line Analyst Line Analyst
View realtime machine states, production batches and throughput.
Machine Analyst Machine Analyst
Performance information for each machine including feeder and nozzle data.
Defect Analyst Defect Analyst
MVP Inspection reports including the originator of each failure.
Product Analyst Product Analyst
Performance reports with respect to products and board traceability.
Trend Analyst Trend Analyst
Realtime and historical charts to identify process trends from inspection data.