DPC collects data directly from your SMT placement machines as well as MVP's Automated Optical Inspection machines, providing the realtime information required by both Operators and Management to control line utilisation, quality and material consumption.

The functionality is provided in modular form, allowing you to choose only those features that you will use but offering the ability to expand later as your needs grow.

DPC Modules Module description Text version Enterprise Manager Process Control Manager Setup Manager Work-In-Progress Manager Material Manager

On heterogeneous production lines, its cross-platform nature means all data can be stored and viewed using a single toolset, instead of through several vendors proprietary tools. Operators require only to learn a single interface for setup verification and only a single link to local Material Management or Factory Information System is needed.

DPC uses off-the shelf hardware including Wi-Fi scanners and a standardised software platform of Microsoft Windows operating system and SQL Server 2000 database.

You may use DPC's own Enterprise Manager tool to analyse the collected data and generate reports or utilise standard ODBC links with the well documented database to produce your own reports or create links with your other factory systems.

Currently Supported Equipment

Operating SystemWindows 2000Pro, 2000 Server(s), XP Pro, 2003 Server(s).