Process Control Manager

Process Control Manager is an event-based alerting tool that is used to drive process improvements.

Engineers traditionally have had to run periodic performance reports to spot and then target performance issues. With the PCM module, DPC is constantly monitoring line performance against preset control limits and can trigger alerts should they be breached. In this way it drives process improvement by focusing on the weakest areas for a more rapid response. Bad feeders, nozzles, machine unreliability, component supply problems or suboptimal line balancing can be quickly identified.

Control limits may be set for:

Operators can input the corrective action taken -and in the case of State alarms, a reason code- which can then be used for Pareto chart reporting to show the most common problems and typical time-to-respond.

Click for full sized image. State Time Alert(screen1)
Reason Code (screen2)
Action Code (screen3)
State Analyst (screen4)