Setup Manager

Handheld Scanner

Often the biggest single source of rework is incorrectly loaded material. DPC provides a mechanism to catch misloads before they occur.

Setup Manager uses wireless barcode scanners to verify part loads onto each machine by checking the part number on the new reel with the expected part number as defined in the placement program for the slot being loaded.

Alternate part numbers can be defined where there may be a number of acceptable alternatives. Also supported is the ability to pre-define reel identifier numbers linking all the reel information such as part number, quantity and lot numbers to a single barcode.

Setup Manager is also capable of handling common setups, removable feeder tables, trays and splicing and can optionally have a SMEMA lock-out to prevent line startup until loading is known to be correct.

By tracking material consumption, not just from placements, but including spoilage numbers, an accurate figure can be returned to material stock control systems as well as providing low-material warnings on the line.

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